12th July 2012: Orange Order Parades

A loyalist band (Young Conway Volunteers) band is filmed marching in circles outside St Patricks Church playing the secterian "Famine Song". The song was judged racist by a court in Scotland.

The band claimed they were entertaining their supporters while the parade was at a temporary halt and were not aware they were outside a Catholic Church.







18th August 2012: YCV Barred from Passing St. Patricks

The Parades Commission have banned the Young Conway Volunteers band from marching past St Patrick's Church on Donegall Street as part of the Royal Black Institution March.


25th August 2012: Royal Black Institution March

The Parades Commission restricted all bands taking part to playing a single drum beat while passing St. Patricks Church and barred the Young Conway Volunteers from passing it. All bands defied this ruling and played music while passing the chapel. The Young Conway Volunteers also ignored the parades commission ruling and marched past St. Patricks Chapel.

Loyalist accused the parades commission of being biased and felt angry. DUP MLA Nelson McCausland said the actions of the bands were almost inevitable given the anger felt by protestants against the Parades Commission.

The leaders of the two main Protestant Churches in the province criticised the actions of the loyalist bands as sectarian.




2nd September 2012: Henry Joy McCracken Flute Band

Trouble broke out in the Shankill and New Lodge when loyalist started throwing missiles the police at Carlisle Circus with some on the republican side getting involved too. Loyalist claimed to be angry about the Parades COmmission not placing restrictions on the march. The trouble continued for 3 days in the Shankill Estate.




6th September 2012: RBI Apoligy

The Royal Black Institution apologised for any offence caused to the clergy and parishioners of St. Patrick's Church. The Institution said the anger was being directed at the Parades Commission and not the Catholic Chapel. Fr. Sheehan welcomed the apology.


7th September 2012: Behind the Scenes Talks

The Orange Order announced it was taking part in behind the scenes talks to reduce parade tensions for the upcoming Covenant Commemorations on the 29th September.


10th September 2012: Fr. Sheenan offers talks with the RBI

Father Sheenan offers to hold talks with the Royal Black Institution so they can meet members of the Church. He said "they have an opportunity to demonstrate with generosity and goodwill that it is possible to reach local agreement."


17th September 2012: Orange Order and the Ulster Covenant

After the Orange Order had talks with the Clergy and Parishioners of St. Patricks Chapel and Community Leaders the Orange Order said bands taking part in the Ulster Covenant Parade will only play hymns when passing St. Patricks Church. The Orange Order refused to meet with the Carrickhill Concerned Residents Association.


20th September 2012: Parades will be "Dignified and Respectful"

First Minister Peter Robinson has said that the Orange Order Parades taking place on the 29th September to mark the signing of the Ulster Covenant 100 years ago will "Dignified and Respectful" when marching past St. Patricks Church. The DUP Leader and other Unionist Politicians had been talking with the Orange Order Leaders on thursday.


26th September 2012: Parades Commission Issues its Ruling

The Parades Commission has issued its ruling on the Ulster Covenant Orange Order Parade feeder parade while marching past St. Patricks Chapel. 2,000 marchers will be taking part in the feeder parade. The Orange Order have said that bands taking part will only be playing hymns when passing the church.

Only hymns are to be played as the bands march past St. Patrick's Chapel, no loyalist supporters are to follow the parade on Clifton and Donegall Street. Nationalist protest at the church has restrictions to a maximum of 150 people.


27th September 2012: Residents call for Peaceful Protest

Frank Dempsey of the Carrick Hill Residents Group has said they do not agree with the ruling in place by the Parades Commission but would abide by it.


29th September 2012: No Trouble at Contentious Feeder Parade

A contentious feeder parade, which had restrictions imposed by the Parades Commission had passed St Patrick's Church on Donegall Street without any incidents.