New Lodge Arts

General Information

What is New Lodge Arts?

New Lodge Arts is a community arts organisation based in the Greater New Lodge area of North Belfast and works primarily with young people under 25 years.

New Lodge Arts delivers a year round programme of arts activities in partnership with local community and youth groups. It does not have premises – all its resources go towards facilitating programmes of activity that take place in local youth or community buildings. Its programmes focuses on providing an enjoyable, creative learning environment where the interests and needs of children and young people are central.

In 2006 - 07, over 800 children, young people and adults experienced a New Lodge Arts activity. Over 200 workshops were delivered engaging more than 30 artists, 1 full-time and 1 part-time staff and over 20 volunteers.


What New Lodge Arts Does

New Lodge Arts provides a programme of arts activities for children and young people from the Greater New Lodge area of North Belfast. It does this through:


New Lodge Arts Academy

New Lodge Arts provides a consistent and quality programme of arts activities for children and young people aged 3 to 25 years. The Academy provides weekly sessions throughout the school year in dance, drama, carnival arts, visual arts and choral singing.


Group Development

New Lodge Arts works on an outreach basis in partnership with local youth and community groups to develop arts-based projects specific to the needs of individual youth groups.


Public Art and Regeneration

New Lodge Arts encourages young people to take a role in their community through the design and creation of public art.



New Lodge Arts produces a number of key events throughout the year including Xmas Factor and Celebrate New Lodge. Both events attract an audience of up to 400 local people.



New Lodge Arts works in partnership with arts organizations across the city and beyond. These include The Beat, Young at Art, Old Museum Arts Centre, Primecut, New Belfast Community Arts Initiative and The Naughton Gallery at Queens.


What New Lodge Arts Believes

New Lodge Arts believes in education through arts. It believes that community empowerment and engagement can be achieved through arts and cultural activities. New Lodge Arts believes in empowerment and in equipping both the young people and adults of North Belfast with a belief and value in achievement.