Welcome to TheNewlodge.com


TheNewlodge.com website was formed in 2006 replacing its sister site TheBarrack.com (born 2004), the purpose of the rename was that the New Lodge is a much more recognised area and with the Barrack being part of the New Lodge Ward it was better branded TheNewlodge.com rather than TheBarrack.com. In 2008 TheNewlodge.com restructured its website and extended its presence into the social networking world.


TheNewlodge.com now contains a handful of useful information for the local area such as
  • The Local History
  • Newlodge Related Videos
  • Newlodge Photographs
  • List of Doctors, schools, nurseries and childcare facilities
The Newlodge Facebook Page now has a collection of well over 10,000 photographs of the new lodge area and and its people, this is no doubt the largest collection of photographs in the country dedicated to an area. TheNewlodge.com rebuilt the entire website from the ground up in September 2012 with better integration between TheNewlodge.com and its facebook/youtube account.
A fair percentage of our visitors did not have a facbeook account and often had issues viewing the photographs, all photographs are still on our facebook page but can now be viewed via TheNewlodge.com and will cause no issues. Any photographs we upload to our facebook page and any videos uploaded to our youtube page are automatically picked up by the new lodge website.